What type of posts are not allowed?

We try to be as hands-off as possible when it comes to what is posted as long as it’s on-topic. Some items, however are a matter of common sense and a few others are based on prior experience in what effect those topics create in the group.

Not allowed: all of the following (but not limited to):

  • Pornographic posts
  • fake coupon scams
  • fake/joke reviews
  • direct sales (unless directly related to local restaurants, and even then it’s best to ask an admin first)
  • political discussion
  • discussion on controversial topics such as restaurant rules on guns or the personal stance of restaurants in regards to topics such as LGBT rights
  • “soapboxing” (for example: making a post to complain about “drama” in other posts or to complain about other aspects of the group, it’s moderators or members)

Also not allowed: No one can advertise any food vendor services unless the subject is a legitimate business, registered with the County, etc. No unregistered/uninspected home kitchens/bakeries allowed.