How do we handle discussion of prices in restaurant reviews/posts?

Providing information about pricing is a helpful facet of posts, reviews and comments about a local restaurant. Just as with other aspects of your experience at a local spot, you’re encouraged to include pricing information in your post.

What’s important when it comes to pricing is that ones opinion of what to spend is significantly affected by their financial situation and other factors. Simply put, what may seem too expensive or not a good enough value for the price to one person may be a completely different opinion compared to someone else for identical menu items at the same location.

This is where the “Agree to disagree” idea is important, and expected to be the norm. You need to consider the context and perspective of others when it comes to reviews in general and especially in regards to items such as prices.

Also, ultimately it’s always best to do your own research and come to your own conclusions whether a place is worth the posted prices. Check online and look for price-point info on other review websites.

Anyone who is excessively argumentative over other people’s opinions regarding prices or uses the topic of pricing as a soapbox or to troll reviews will be muted and possibly removed.