What are the general rules for posting reviews?

  • Be sure to include the restaurant name/location near the top of your review. Tag the restaurant if possible (Using the @ sign).
  • Only post reviews of locations within Gaston County. There are some possible exceptions, check with admin first if you are unsure.
  • Be honest, but also fair. If it’s a majority negative review, don’t post while still upset. Give yourself a cooling-down period.
  • Do NOT post accusations of food poisoning or claims that a meal out made you or others sick. Same goes for allegations of foreign items in your food (glass, bugs, etc.). Those circumstances should only be discussed directly with restaurant staff/management.
  • Do NOT “call out” a server/employee for bad service by specifically identifying them (By appearance or by name). It is fine to talk in general about the service, but to publicly identify is unfair to the employee and the restaurant and will not be tolerated in posts or in comments.
  • Do NOT post reviews of Fast Food or National chains. (Not sure, ask).
  • If you have a connection to the business beyond just being a customer, you must mention that as a disclaimer. If you do not, and proof is provided to an admin that you are otherwise connected, and especially if your review is a revenge/vendetta driven review, you will be removed and blocked from the group permanently.
  • Try to include a mention to all segments of the experience. The service, the appearance of the location, the meal itself, pricing, etc. … you may have had to send your steak back twice and want to make sure everyone knows about it, but if the wait staff was great and other parts of the experience were positive..be sure to include that information.

We *DO NOT* discourage honest negative reviews. If you are going to post about a negative experience, the onus is on you to be honest and fair in your review.

  • Be prepared to have people disagree (or agree) with your review, sometimes vehemently.
  • People will make suggestions on what you should/shouldn’t have done or done differently.
  • People will suggest other places you should have gone.
  • If a staff/manager/owner of the restaurant are in the group, they very well may contact you either publicly or privately.

You have the option to turn off commenting on your review if you want it to stand on it’s merits without discussion.

We try to monitor and step in if there are personal attacks or comments that do not meet the group guidelines. If you see comments that need to be reviewed by admin, “report” them and/or tag one of us.

If the comments on your review “get out of hand” or continue beyond the point where the content is beneficial to the group flow, we will turn off commenting on your review. This is NOT a condemnation of your review or a show of bias on our part. It is just a necessary step in order to keep the group manageable and enjoyable to it’s members.