Can we post about chain restaurants?

Typically: No.

There are the occasional exceptions, and regional/smaller chains are more likely to be ok vs. National chains.
National chain = more than 100 locations.

Rule of thumb: If the restaurant is listed in our website directory, it’s allowed in group posts/reviews.

However, especially when there is a new opening, we are inundated with posts that become overly heated and it overwhelms the group so those are especially not allowed.

Simply put, we all know what to expect from an Applebee’s, or a Ruby Tuesday, or a Denny’s, so why spend so much time discussing those in a group whose focus is on the locally-owned small business who can’t compete advertising-dollars-wise with a National chain? It defeats the entire reason for the group’s creation 5 years ago.

Fast Food Chains: No. Let’s just keep those discussions out. If you have a bad experience at one, contact them via their Facebook page and their reviews sections.