What can we do about bad reviews in the group?

If the review follows our guidelines as laid out elsewhere in this FAQ, then it is up to you to communicate with the poster in whatever method you wish. We will only intervene if the guidelines are not followed.

We will decide to turn off commenting if the thread reaches a point where the issue has been resolved, or when each side has had a chance to “say their piece”. We do this in order to allow threads to drop down the page and allow newer posts more of an opportunity to be seen.

Negative review posts almost always inevitable devolve into any number of inappropriate paths and we do our best to prevent that.

IF you see a post/review about your restaurant that you feel doesn’t meet our review guidelines or is otherwise “crossing the line”, please contact an admin and we will address it accordingly as quickly as possible.

What we will not do, is censor any reviews/posts that meet the guidelines laid out in this FAQ. The onus is on you to address negative reviews.