Are we allowed to post in the group?

Yes. Due to Facebook group settings, your restaurant business page can’t be a member, however you are welcome to join under your personal profile and post information, news/updates, events and specials for your locally-owned Gaston County restaurant.

You can post a maximum of twice per day per location.  This allows, for example, a post advertising lunch specials and then a post later in the day for dinner specials. Whatever the content of the posts, they need to be spaced out to different times of the day. This applies regardless of who is posting on behalf of the restaurant. (I.E., Posts by a general manager and the owner count cumulatively.)

If there is a special occasion/event and you would like permission to make extra posts, contact us beforehand. If you have photos to post, add them all into one post or share a gallery from your business page.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in a 24-hour block from being able to post into the group and repeated offenses may result in being removed.

You are not allowed to “hijack” a post about another restaurant. As tempting as it may be to advertise your place in the middle of a competitor getting criticized, please don’t.

  • Be sure to say which restaurant you’re posting about!
  • Tag your business page whenever possible (use the @ symbol to create a linked tag, ie @GastonEats would create a linked tag to our page)
  • Use a photo/graphic/video whenever possible in order to attract more attention to your posts.
  • Be ready to engage with group members and answer questions. This “human touch” will go a long way towards attracting more people to your restaurant.