Sharing the following information posted to our Facebook Group by one of our admin team in coordination with a set of local restaurant owners…

From Feb. 24th:

WARNING TO ALL RESTAURANT OWNERS/MANAGERS. Local managers have noticed a woman calling and wishing to return for her money back on an order made a few days back. NEVER has a receipt. I STRONGLY suggest all returns must include a receipt or the food in question. Don’t wish to see folks in the restaurant business taken advantage of by less than honest folks. Notify other managers when/how/by whom this occurs please.

As of today (March 6th) there are still reports of this happening…

ATTENTION: This is still ongoing. A person posted about this occurring locally again. If you own/manage a restaurant in this area (I suspect it is occurring in/out of Gaston County), please pay attention. It has been stated by one restaurant owner this is considered defrauding an innkeeper.

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