Estia's Kouzina

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Greek-inspired, but really just excellent food!

Estia’s offers by far the best restaurant meal I’ve eaten in Belmont. This is saying a lot, since Belmont has seen a small explosion of trendy new restaurants, some of them really good. Estia’s offers more than trendiness. It gives thoughtfully prepared, well-rounded, healthy meals. The Greek dishes seem completely authentic (the moussaka was as good as I’ve had anywhere). But they also prepare local and seasonal foods in a way that simply seems Mediterranean and delicious–an appetizer of zucchinni fried in strips and served with a sauce using Greek herbs; a perfectly broiled trout, in a light lemon and browned butter sauce. The wine list is relatively simple yet varied, featuring really good stuff, and the coffee is excellent. I’m writing from memory. But the memories are making me want to go back!

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